Saturday morning my alarm went off early,
and though my guts were still tender,
I crawled out of bed and into the car,
So Les Schwab could roll my fender.

Though I asked about the paint job and what could go wrong
the manager said not to worry.
When the paint on the fender got cracked and peeled back,
I was filled with a self-righteous fury.

I returned to Les Schwab as fast as I could
and spoke to the manager calmly
He agreed that a body shop would get it repaired
and apologized both loud and profusely.

I took my kids to Gabriel Park,
and we flew our kites in the breeze.
But I hadn’t been out of a sickbed that long,
and I got a bit weak in the knees.

The wife and I watched a martial arts flick:
“The House of Flying Daggers”.
Unfortunately, the tragic climactic fight scene
reduced us to laughter, not tears.

I played Resident Evil a while
and discovered an interesting trick:
The parasites that pop from the occasional monk
can take off your head bloody quick.

I went to the store and got all the stuff
for Hungarian goulash cooked slow
I was pleased that everyone, Momma and kids
stuffed themselves from the word ‘go’.

And now it is evening, I’ve updated my blog,
and gone to some websites to lurk.
And even though I’ve been at home for five days,
I dread having to go back to work.