Jul 08 2006

About PAgent

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About PAgent

That’s PAgent, circa 1986. He doesn’t look like this anymore. He’s fat, now. He can’t wear Chuck Taylor’s because he has flat feet. Pity the poor middle-aged bastard.

PAgent is a forty-something professional. He lives in the Portland, Oregon metro area.

He has a Wife, a Boy, and a Girl.

He has a sick sense of humor, and an overdeveloped appreciation for the absurd.

He sometimes rides a recumbent bicycle. He has osteoarthritis in both knees.

Although he feels like a moderate centrist, he consistently tests as a bleeding-heart liberal.

He likes to cook, and he likes to eat, and is pretty good at both.

He was originally trained as a chemist, but is now supporting his family as a patent weenie.

His friends tell him he is oversensitive and intolerant. Lord knows what his enemies say about him.