If you haven’t noticed, I’m doing a bit of a parody of the movie “District 9″, which I loved. So, if you are new to the comic, things will be even more confusing. Especially if you haven’t seen “District 9″. And if you haven’t, why haven’t you? It’s awesome.

Sorry, in the process of loading the comic for Oct. 9th, I overwrote the comic for Oct. 8th. Those of you who were very confused had every right to be.

However, all has been duct-taped, smoothed over, and otherwise repaired. So, if you were confused, go back and read the comic from Oct. 8th again.

If after that, you’re still confused, I can’t really blame you.

Do you think it would be useful to have a page with a short summary for the main characters? I’m getting to the point where there’s considerable backstory for some of them, and I fear that will be a hindrance to new readers.

What do you think?

Update: I’ve created a “cast” page for the comic, which can accessed via the button in the header above the comic. Please let me know if you find it helpful, or if you would like to see additional/different info there.


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I recently upgraded ‘nonobvious’ to WordPress 2.8.4, and somehow in the process lost all access to the dashboard for the blog. This meant that I could no longer import new posts. After trying many, many things and fumbling around in files that I have no business fumbling around in, I finally contacted the help desk at Laughing Squid.

Now, I’ve only had to bother them once or twice in all the time I’ve had my blog(s) on their servers, but every single time they have been responsive, friendly, and efficient. Particular thanks to Frank Escamilla at Laughing Squid, who correctly diagnosed a case of corrupt files, and reinstalled 2.8.4 for me.

Thanks again, Frank.

Another webcomic I keep forgetting to recommend, and which you probably never heard of, is Brendan Douglas Jones’ excellent “Breakfast of the Gods” The site navigation is a little challenging, but well worth the effort.

Imagine a universe where all the beloved cereal mascots of your youth, Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, Cap’n Crunch, the Cookie Crook, were alive and engaged in a desperate struggle against a malevolent force of evil — Count Chocula. It’s beautifully drawn and beautifully written.

Books One and Two are complete, but Book Three is still in progress. You really owe it to yourself to read through what’s available online so far. It’s great stuff.

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