Cast of “nonobvious”

PAgent is our hapless hero. He’s a patent agent at a smallish IP firm, a father, and husband. Life seems to move just a little bit faster than he is quite able to cope with. He has good intentions.

Meet The Wife. She is usually the voice of reason in the PAgent household, although even she gets pushed too far sometimes. It’s not entirely clear why she puts up with PAgent.

The Girl is PAgent’s eldest child. She is bright, passionate, stubborn, and determined. In other words, a pain-in-the-ass. If she survives, she may take over the world.

The Boy is the younger sibling. He’s sweet and gentle, and adores his older sister. Although he is a frequent target for her abuse, he usually suffers it in good humor. Usually….

Trish is PAgent’s assistant. She is smart, organized, and knowledgeable. She also suffers the burden of being beautiful and blond. Trish keeps a baseball bat at her desk, because “a girl has to have a hobby”.

Gwen is a patent attorney at PAgent’s firm. She is highly qualified, and has several years of experience. She is also the only female practitioner in the firm, and sometimes wonders at how grown men can act like such little boys. Gwen is also supported by Trish.

Jerry is clumsy, rude, and often downright offensive. He is prone to self-inflicted injuries. He has a desperate crush on Trish, but his boorish attempts to woo her have only resulting in concussions and abrasions. Lately, though, he’s shown some small potential for better behavior. Time will tell.

Colin and Grant are patent attorneys and partners in PAgent’s firm.