Sep 28 2010

Audioblog: Radiolab and the Flinders Ranges

Posted by PAgent in Podcast, australia

In this experimental audio post, PAgent discusses RadioLab podcasts and returns to the topic of his trip to Australia.

It turns out I say “now” quite a lot. And I always sound like I’m holding my breath. Seriously, when I listen to this, I die a little bit inside. But I digress.

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PAgent’s Photos of Australia

Royalty Free Music from Mevio

The Wolf Blass Winery

Sevenhill Cellars

The Prairie Hotel in Parachilna

Wilpena Pound Resort and Campground

The Flinders Ranges

5 Responses to “Audioblog: Radiolab and the Flinders Ranges”

  1. Lelo Says:

    I loved this. You’re a natural. And I listened from beginning, to end. I still can’t believe you ate camel!

    Please do more podcasts.

  2. SPU Says:

    Well done! A fine maiden voyage. I agree, you’re a natural story teller, and used the music and sound effects very well. I especially enjoyed hearing the bird calls. I do hope you produce more podcasts.

  3. ultrafastx Says:

    Didn’t have a chance to listen to the whole thing, but had to point out you have a very nice voice. You sound like you belong on public radio.

  4. Mrs. PAgent Says:

    I like it!!

  5. PAgent Says:

    Thanks, guys. I’ll be trying to come up with some interesting ideas for future episodes.