May 26 2009

Creative Writing

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I.e., Works in progress, or stuff that doesn’t lend itself to posting on the front page.


I used to live near the McKenzie Pass in the central Oregon Cascades, an area that is one of the more geologically active in the country. When you live here, you can come to take all these volcanoes, hot springs, and basalt rock for granted. You shouldn’t.

Marital Bliss

Originally published at

Urban Wildlife

Another one that was originally published at Inspired by seeing coyotes running across the bikepath in suburban Tigard.

Requiem For A Crow

Inspired by a tweet from msamye.

From The Gospel of Trixie

This was a little character study that I had rattling around in my head. It’s rated “R”, and could probably offend most anyone. Read at your own risk.

Humble Servants

This was an entry at a text contest at Worth1000.

My New Commute

Another contest at Worth1000, this time a poetry contest on the theme “Change”.

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