Aug 01 2006

Honey, why is the water bill so high?

Posted by PAgent in Flotsam, Video

Clearly I’m on a roll with toilet-based content, but I couldn’t resist.

I’m gratified by all the attention this clip has garnered. You all should know, however, that this is NOT my cat. I just linked to the clip because I thought it was cute.

Gizmo’s owner is apparently YouTube user nsayer. He has posted another Gizmo clip that is also adorable, Whirlycat.

226 Responses to “Honey, why is the water bill so high?”

  1. Missy Says:

    hahaha…after I could stop laughing, I would probly have to start shutting the bathroom door

  2. Sevillanasol Says:

    lol……that is pretty hularious!! Where is all that water going??

  3. Dorothy Lewis Says:

    That is just too funny! Thanks for the laugh.

  4. Barb Shaw Says:

    But Mom , I’m SO thirsty !!!!

  5. Phyllis Durdy Says:

    Just checking to see if the water circles the correct direction every time.

  6. Ellen Phillips Says:

    That was soooooooooooo funny! Now if you could only get it to CLEAN the toilet! Thanks for sharing!

  7. MEL HARTMAN Says:


  8. PAgent Says:

    Sorry about that Mel.

    One of the problems is that the actual clip is hosted by the servers at YouTube, so I have little control over it.

    The bigger problem is that this blog entry has been getting close to 1,500 hits a day lately. I daresay the internet pipes are getting a bit clogged at times of high demand. And that’s just my link to this video. I know that there are more out there.

    So, I apologize, and hope you found something else here worth looking at.

  9. Sharon Says:

    I think your cat can be used in a bar-restaurant where the customers forget to flush. Can we borrow him/her? Sharon who works in one.

  10. Jacqui Says:

    Hope they don’t use that Blue stuff!

  11. Cathy Says:

    “Here, fishy, fishy!!!”

  12. lindar131 Says:

    My 3 Wheaten Terriers were very entertained with your talented cat. They kept watching it and one would stick his nose right on the computer screen to get a ‘closer’ look. This really made my morning in hot Orlando, Florida. Thanks for sharing!.

  13. Michele Says:

    Can’t just close the lid on this one,try using duct tape.Very Funny.Thanks for the laugh.

  14. Beth Says:

    Now if we can just get the kids to flush as well!!!

  15. Barb Skaugset Says:

    PAgent, I enjoyed the cat videa very much and the dog clips too. Thanks for sharing the air museum photos, I wished I could have seen the Spruce Goose in person.

  16. Corry Says:

    I’m sure Bailey is doing the same thing when I’m not home…. no wonder my toliet is always running…. UG!

  17. Josephine Says:

    That is one very smart cat. Now all the owners need to do is train the cat to use the toilet instead of the cat box and they would have the “purrfect” cat.

  18. Dave Says:

    Thank goodness I Won’t see that mouse again!

  19. Kaloni Kelley Says:

    This was so cute! I never seen anything like it! You just made me laugh so hard! It was great! Put more on if you can. Kaloni

  20. Jenn Says:

    Wow… you can’t tell me there’s no such thing as re incarnation. That cat is a 3 year old boy trapped in a cat body! Hillarious!

  21. JC Says:

    Next step: Shut the bathroom door. The cat will tug on it all night long trying to get back in. thunka thunka thunka thunka thunka

  22. PKPI Says:

    Teach kitty to use toliet and same money on kitty litter to offset cost of water.

  23. mydrunendad Says:

    :::My Dog is Cuter:::

  24. mydrunendad Says:

    ::::My Dog is Cuter::::

  25. Cindy Says:

    LOL! That’s great! Now I understand my own cats obsession with laying in the sink…while the water is on! Maybe he’s NOT the only water-obsessed cat out there afterall!

  26. Southern Sass on Criminal Activity Today » Getting it wrong??? Says:

    [...] Now for those of you that just want to lighten up a bit…please click HERE You just can’t watch this and stay in a bad mood. !!! postCount(‘514′); | postCountTB(‘514′); Submit above to [...]

  27. William D'Angelo Says:

    I thought it was VERY cute!!!

  28. Judy Says:

    Who ever said that cats aren’t smart?

  29. Anna Says:

    Must be a male – they are so easily amused!

  30. beverly Says:

    OH!!!! Now where did that water go?

  31. Steve Says:

    In relation to that video. thought you’d like this:

  32. Jessica Says:

    This is hysterical!!

  33. Edward Says:

    HA Ha This is real funny. Thank God my cat hasn’t figured this out yet…..

  34. christina rose Says:

    it should be on animal planets the funniest animals

  35. Jules Says:

    My cat lays in the sink and drinks from the faucet, so this does NOT surprise me at at all!!

  36. Dani Says:

    If you submitted it to America’s Funniest Home Videos you’d win $10,000 I’m sure of it. That is one funny movie!

  37. Michelle Says:

    could not get it!

  38. Jack Epperson Says:

    very good.

  39. Amy Says:

    OMG that was HILARIOUSE! I agree with Dani, you would win the 10,000. Thats an awesome cat!

  40. Cheryl Says:

    I enjoyed this so much… I have all kinds of pets, but this really shows intelligence….and they think monkeys are smart… which I know they are…. this is so cool… I would have loved to see how this action/reward started in the first place. I had a cat who at the tender age of 4, ha ha… started using the toilet for his missions… I think it was because he was so interested in what we were doing on the toilet, and smelling it and us… but I really have no idea… I just wish he would have learned to flush!!!! Grove on…..

  41. MARCIA ALLEN Says:

    make laugh kitten do how flush run water

  42. Cheri King Says:

    This was great! I have a kitty that is an indoor/outdoor guy but right know he is house bound because of an injury. I hope thay he doesn’t get any ideas like your guy!

  43. Curtis Roy Says:

    Open front door first then pour toilet bowl
    cleaner all over the cat put him in the comode
    and put the lid down then flush, you will hear
    the cat at work when the comode gets though
    flushing stand on one side and open lid the cat
    will go out the door but look at that “shine”.

  44. cindy Says:

    video would not play

  45. Col Says:

    2Funny.. !!

  46. Polly Says:

    Curtis Roy, you are a horrible person. That disgustes me! but the cat was adorable!!!

  47. Becky Hawkins Says:

    So cute, I hope Our cats never see this…ha ha

  48. Mom Says:

    Toilet humor is great once in a while. Hm..boy, a well trained cat. She or He even Flushes! Ha Ha

  49. Michelle Says:


    You know I am a cat lover. Thank you for sharing this it is really cute.

  50. ROBERT Says:


  51. Kimmie & Mingus the 4th Says:

    Cat Food…$15. Cat Condo…$30. Cat Water Fetish…Priceless! Your cat is a Hoot!
    Send this in the to Funniest Videos Show and win some CASH!

  52. Jasmine Says:

    I am going to teach my cat how to do that LOL

  53. Mom Says:

    I watched the cat video again…boy, is that one smart cat! A lot of people don’t even get trained well enough to remember to flush!!!

  54. Misty Says:

    What a cat! Reminds me of a cat I once knew who liked to swim in the bath water when her owner was taking a bath, lol!

  55. Christie Says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing. Now that I’ve stopped laughing I can say that I’ve had cats all of my life and I’ve never had one who was so fixated on the toilet. What a great cat!

  56. Brenda Says:

    Very funny. I agree he needs to learn to use the toilet instead of the box.

  57. Sheryl Says:

    Theres got to be a fish in there somewhere!

  58. Ahlam Says:

    This is really cute and funny. Thanks for sharing.

  59. bob Says:

    If he finds any fish in there hes a lucky cat

  60. Mel Lindsey Says:

    This is cute, and reminds me of a cat we had years ago. Suddenly the light to the stairs going to the second floor would go off and then on. My husband was totally confused (worse than usual:) and as he sat in his chair one evening, he saw our cat jump up the wall and flip the switch off….then the cat would wait a matter of seconds and do the same jump and hit the switch on. Mystery was solved, but I don’t think any of our friends believed us. They always asked, “How much have you had to drink”……

  61. Kristi Says:

    After I quit laughing so hard that my eyes become watery and the picture was misconstrued, then I thoroughly enjoyed it. My kiddos(cats) well Abigail(Abby) likes to watch me turn the sink water on and then sometimes get right underneath the fossit. She also likes to get in between the shower curtain and the protector and take a shower with me. This was definitely a first for me. Cat lover from Texas!!

  62. Linda Says:

    I had a Siamese cat that used the toilet for her potty and I did not train her, I guess she just figured it out by watching us and the odor. Loved the video.

  63. Jimmy Says:

    Very funny! Loved it.
    We had a 2 year old white part Persian who used to get up on the kitchen bench to reach the door knob to let herself out. Unfortunately the knob was round and all her pawing didn’t manage to turn it.

  64. Natalie Says:

    very funny!!!:P

  65. Natalie Says:

    ha ha very funny could not stop laughing:)

  66. Cheryl Says:

    That was just too cool. Thanks for the video, it kept me laughing.

  67. Cathy Says:

    cute…..I have a cat that opens doors the same
    way…..there is no privacy in our house…..
    and another one who sits on the toilet seat and
    just watches the water flow down but hasn’t
    figured out how to pull the handle yet….hope
    he doesn’t with water at a premium here in
    Florida, Cathy (I’ve even been called “Cat”–
    just love the little guys)

  68. Marti Says:

    Too funny!!!!! Who says cats aren’t smart? Noe if we could just get them to help us pay the bills! Thanks for sharing a great moment, but I hope mine didn’t see it lol.

  69. Connie Says:

    This could be why the water bill is so high.

  70. Sarah Says:

    *Adam West voice* Who’s stealing my water?

  71. LeAnn Says:

    May I borrow your cat? Maybe he could teach my husband a thing or two!

  72. Linda Says:

    Loved it!! I had a Siamese cat who played ‘fetch’, and also answered the phone if one of her humans did not get it by the 4th ring.

  73. tbone Says:

    So Jinxy knows how to flush after all!! It wasn’t Fockers fault!!

  74. Ed Loss Says:

    As a cat lover, THAT was just a wonderful video! Thank you!

  75. De Says:

    You could make a FORTUNE with this cat…send the video to the World’s Funniest Animals…honestly, you’ll win big! Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time.

  76. Jill Says:

    If I could only share this with the customers of the water system I work for. This is too funny….

  77. David Says:

    Splendid and Amazing….But I still hate cats!

  78. Nancy Says:

    I have a cat who uses the toilet….if only I could get him to flush it!!

  79. Mardey Says:

    Who needs the tydee bowl man….wisker clean.
    I have a cat that loves to sit on my chest when I’m enjoying a bubble bath or lick the mositure off my legs when I step out of thw tub to towel…talk about exfoilation! Go kitty!

  80. K. Says:


    Smart cat!!

  81. Melissa Says:

    My Russian Blue does this too! Had to keep the lid down, but she is learning how to open it! Wonder what they are thinking!!

  82. JAY Says:

    You have to own a cat to appreciate this video

  83. Dorothy Enciso Says:

    I think that I would start shutting the door….

  84. Kristin Says:

    And this is why I leave my toilet seat DOWN! Thanks for the chuckle!

  85. Valera Gage Says:

    Cats ARE smarter than dogs!!!
    This was sooooooooooo cute.

  86. Lorie Shaw Says:

    TOOOO FUNNY!!!!! Maybe you should call David Letterman? “Stupid Pet Tricks?”

  87. Cheri Says:

    this is to funny I ahve a kitten who loves the toilet tooooo

  88. barbara Says:

    Funniest thing I have seen in a long while.

  89. DICK Says:


  90. PM813 Says:

    If you submitted it to America’s Funniest Home Videos you’d win $10,000 I’m sure of it. That is one funny movie! I have to agreee, this is just so funny.

  91. NBS Says:

    Couldn’t see the video, but have a good idea from the comments.

    There are occasional felines who are “water-babies”. This reminds me of an ocelot I once fostered while his owner traveled. Ocelots in the wild urinate in streams of running water when they don’t want to be tracked by other jungle critters.

    Our foster cat jumped into the shower with my husband, raised his tail and sprayed the shower wall. My husband, not a cat lover, jumped out of the shower and announced, “Somebody’s got to go-t’s either him or me!”

    As a newlywed, I probably made the wrong choice, and after several other mis-adventures, moved the ocelot to another foster home.

    Sorry I didn’t keep the ocelot…

  92. Sally B Says:

    Thank you so very much for that precious clip. If I could just get my cat to re-roll the toilet paper roll. Cats are such amazing wonders and such loves. We have six cats and I will have to remember to close the bathroom door. This was my best laugh of the day. Thank you again.

  93. Vicki Says:

    Oh, my gosh! And I thought I had seen nearly everything! This is so funny! A cat. A normal, healthy, household cat, flushing the toilet, watching the water swirl down and doing it over and over and over again! We nearly laughed ourselves sick over here! What a prize video!

  94. Steve Says:

    That crazy cat! It looks like it’s prolly trying to snag a “stinkloaf” that’s swirling around in there! That’s one reason I have a dog!

  95. david Says:

    great-my cat has been using the computer-hit youtube and your video and now i can’t get him out of the bathroom-suggestions?????

  96. judy Says:

    my cat is always doing wierd things around the toilet not flushing yet lol

  97. Terron Says:

    After watching that video, I had to use the bathroom.

  98. Dianna Says:

    That is one of the funniest video clips I’ve ever seen! That was hilarious! Thank you for sharing this with all of us, we can all always use a good laugh! I’m still laughing! Perhaps he could be the next Jinxie on one of the “Meet the Parents Movies”!


    This site is “better than a stick in the eye with a sharp poke”


  100. Mary Anne Says:

    The clip is intersting it lets you know how smart animals really are.

  101. Amanda Says:

    Hilarious. Cur Chipper waits outside the bathroom door then waits for the flush then watches it swirl. Doesn’t flush himself thank God. Ouch what a water bill!

  102. LINDA Says:

    thats was so funny

  103. Brigitte Says:

    OH! This cat is to smart! I wonder if he could be train to pay the water bill…
    Just love it..LOL:)

  104. Jayleen Says:

    My cat Spuds opens “lever” doors the same way…..and he ‘Prays” on his hind legs – with front paws praying. I recently taught him to “shake”. He yawns, and sticks his paw out….like he is bored with these stupid “human” tricks. Cats are smart!

  105. Barbara Winters Says:

    Laughter is good for the soul…..thanks for the overhaul on my soul. After working for the local water company, my first thought was…..

  106. Джон Says:

    Шняга полнейшая

  107. Tracy Says:

    Makes you wonder, if he learned that by watching. Make sure to keep your guard up when the puss is around. ;^)

  108. cara Says:

    this is wonderful. my family and i had a wonderful time watching that silly cat. thanks so much for bringing that enjoyment into our home.

  109. smartsally Says:

    A woman from work went home after work one day to find that her cat figured out how to push the (SINGLE handle) water tap on the kitchen sink up. Problem is he never figured out how to push it back down and the sink was full of dishes and had the plug in it. The main floor and the basement were damaged and it was a costly mess.

  110. A Says:

    a smart cat love to play flush water in toilet and listen water sound, spin water round, bubble air,,,

  111. Kristy Says:

    Now all you have to do is teach your cat to USE the toilet instead of its litter box. Then you would have it made. (Yuck just kidding) But a very cute cat! Send to funniest home video’s and makes some money.

  112. Roberta "Birdie2533" Says:

    That is freaking hilarious!!! Now if you can just teach the kitty to use it!! LOL

  113. arwil smith Says:

    It’s like gas I guess, up and down gas!

  114. JEn Says:

    After watching this the first time, I litterally had to count the 12 times the cat flushed the handle. One time it didnt flush completely has the tank was trying to refill and the the cat tried biting it to hold it “on.”
    It’s hillarious!

  115. Bob Says:

    Is that corn speckled a brown trout … I like fish

  116. trisho Says:

    way cute. all 3 of my cats love water, get in the shower with me, watch the toilet flush. i always heard cats didn’t like water. old wife’s tale?

  117. Susan Says:

    I thought this was the most funniest thing that I have ever seen a cat do. You should really consider sending this to World’s Funniest Videos. I can’t help but keep coming back to this and watching as it’s so funny.

  118. L. Becker Says:

    O.K. I am a cat lover and have had cats since I was a kid. This is a talented cat.

  119. Bforden Says:

    you ought to send it to planet’s funniest animals on – if they use it on t.v. (which I’m sure they will!), you’ll get a $100.

  120. monica Says:

    Too funny! I wouldn’t put it past a cat to do that. Curious and cute!

  121. Bill Says:

    Could not open it up.

  122. lisa shane Says:

    lol,, funny. but it wasnt playing properly

  123. Elaine Says:

    Smarter Than The Average Cat. So Cute.

  124. Pamela Says:

    and some people say cat,s don,t like water

  125. Al Says:

    Funny?/ Not!! this would be one dead cat at my house!! It would end up being flushed down the toilet along with all the water it waisted

  126. cindy Says:


  127. Mary Anne Says:

    When will this be on America’s Funniest Videos? This cat is priceless! What a fantastic animal to have around. Who needs TV!?…lol

  128. Wendy Says:

    This cat really has cause and effect down to a science. He really know how to entertain himself. Clever kitty. Ours loves to drink out of the running tap but hasn’t figured out how to turn it on, Thank God.

  129. Walter Says:

    How come they never do it when they are in the bowl.

  130. sue Says:

    I was so thrilled to see your clever cat flushing the toilet. Smart or what. It made me think of how every time I’m at the water cooler, my cat meets me. When we had a fountain he loved it and drank form it all the time. Guess I better get a new fountain ay. Thanks for the video it was sure cute.

  131. vicki Says:

    this is hilarious

  132. Grahame Says:

    Wonderful..My cat, Wookie, a chocolate point Himalayan, gets into my underpants around my ankles when I’m on the toilet and curls up in them. I just love him as he’s the only living creature whose ever wanted to get into my pants on more than one occasion.

  133. The Witch Says:

    That was great. I used to have a cat who actually used the loo but sadly, didn’t know how to flush!

  134. Pat Says:

    This is hysterical … cats surely can be hams at times, despite their seeming nonchalence…
    Does anyone know of a magazine or newsletter where I could my 1-page creation, the “1040-C.A.T.”, published? It’s a spoof about declaring cats as an income tax deduction. I tried a few publications so far, but no luck. I’d really like to get this thing published as I think most cat owners would find it amusing. My email is . Thanks.

  135. Debi Says:

    That was too funny! Only Lisa can find this stuff and send it to me!

  136. tony Says:

    Well, I’d be shutting the bathroom door after that. My cat’s litter box is in the bathroom and we’re lucky she doesn’t do that. However, she has destroyed quite a few rolls of toilet paper.

  137. Cyndi Says:

    This is toooooo funny, I love it, thanks for sharing.

  138. Terry Says:

    My water bill is also high! Hmmmmm.

  139. Bonnie Says:

    Enjoyed your kitty, been up all night with mine giving birth. Nice reminder why I enjoy cats!

  140. david Says:

    That is funny. Like a 1-arm bandit.
    ‘Must be a goldfish in there somewhere…’

    Let’s see, 300M cats in this country, give or take a few hundred million, easily half of them with access to an equal number of appliances.
    If only one in ten thousand is prone to flush-addiction, and every cycle costs a penny …

  141. Alysa Says:

    That is so funny, mabe now i might have to shut the door or just the toliet seat at least

  142. hi Says:

    hi what do u put here i like cheese one time i put five mints in my mouth at one time it hot

  143. hi Says:

    its my again hi

  144. karen Says:

    no friggin way!!!

  145. Janey Says:

    Too funny! I loved it! Now if only my kitties would go in it then flush…

  146. Mr_Dave Says:


  147. craig Says:

    “I know there were gold fish in here. Where the hell did they go”

  148. fa Says:

    Loved it! used to have a cat who played the time on my answering machine about 2:00 in the morning. When I woke up he would run. Put it on funniest videos! It’s great!

  149. Maer Says:

    That was just one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever seen. I love how you can see the cat’s head movement as the eyes follow the water swirl. I agree with the rest, get that vid onto a funniest animals site and collect your first prize.


    PS, if it were me, I would think the water bill was worth the entertainment value and then some!

  150. Monique Adam Says:

    I cannot keep doing this,it was just the right temperature for her bath

  151. Monique Adam Says:

    one more time and I am out of here, my paw hurts. Now for the lotion bottle….

  152. Rose Says:

    A friend of mine sent me the link to your blog. That was petty funny. LOL

  153. Cats Suck Says:

    That cat should be thrown into the toilet and drowned for wasting toilet water…no cat is worth that!

  154. Carol Says:

    A classic example of how animals can learn to amuse themselves at the human’s expense.

  155. Ruth Says:

    I laughed so hard I thought my side’s would split. Thank’s for the pick up.

  156. 4D Says:

    That dumb-ass cat is fishing.

  157. Emily Says:


  158. LEELEE Says:


  159. Johnie Says:

    Now if you could teach the cat to USE the toilet first.

  160. Yasmina Says:

    Josephine is right! I wish I could teach my cat to do that.

  161. Jennifer Says:

    Cute video, but whatta terrible waste of water! My cat did the same thing because he likes to drink water that’s moving. I got him one of those fountain-style water bowls–problem solved! Best of luck!

  162. me Says:

    That was soo cool!
    To let you know I got the link from this months elink newsletter from earthlink! Bet you’ll be getting tons more hits!

    Now.. if you could “train” him/her to put the seat down!!! Save allot of middle of the night soaks!

  163. Rinaroo Says:

    Great video – love it! I had a doxie named Maggie trained to ring a bell when she wanted to go out. The cat she was raised with, Tweak, learned that when she was outside and heard the bell inside, the door would open so she could come in. Then Maggie learned that when she rang the bell Tweak would come in, so she’d ring the bell even when she didn’t need to go out, just to produce a cat. She could probably tell the cat was on the other side of the door. The dog invented a Cat-Dispenser.

  164. Kristin Says:

    I had a cat that flushed the toilet also but never like this one. That is too funny!

  165. Maryann Says:

    What a hoot!!! I have to flush the toilet for my cat when he wants a drink. I’ll have to teach him this trick.

  166. Nina Says:

    That is such a hoot! Thank you for sharing this!

  167. Sonia Says:

    And I thought that my cat opening all the doors in the house at will was bad……

  168. ANN Says:

    I think this cat is thirsty–if you notice near the end, he licks the handle and then stop flushing. Poor thing!

  169. steph Says:


  170. Sylvia Says:

    Got your wesite by pure accident. It is true that cats are smart but show it only for the people who truly appreciate them and care. Why are there such ignorant people who put animals down, whether cats or dogs? I say they have never owned one, nor ever been a true animal lover. Those who say they don’t like cats, have no knowledge or real experience caring about them, which is why the absurd, ignorant comments, above- not even funny. I have 6 and one actually opens a kitchen cabinet door and goes in if the others bother her. I also have dogs and there is no contest as to which require the most care and can’t be left alone in the house overnight, or which ones disturb the entire area with incessant barking some days, or need bathes because they smell.

  171. Anne Says:

    What a great cat ! Looks like he’s just keepin busy and stayin outta trouble to me God Bless em Hagd

  172. eugene keefer Says:

    looks like the cat needs a litterbox………. or a cardboard box?????????????????????

  173. Denise Says:

    Great video! Our cat, Jack: when we fill his water bowl, if he gets to it while the water is still moving, will splash it with his paw onto the wall and watch it drip down…over, and over, and over…..swipe, drip, swipe, drip, you get the picture. Not great for the hardwood floor but really funny. Loved your video!

  174. Anita Says:

    Yet another reason to put the seat down, LOL !

  175. marlene Says:

    I LOVE this Video.I have 3 cats but none as smart as yours.

  176. Marlene Lundin Says:

    I can only see “bits and pieces” Video doesn’t play correctly. Any suggestions?

  177. Julie Says:

    Pretty swirly water… hey, it stopped. >flush

  178. mezoo Says:

    cute! love this!!!

  179. Nancy Says:

    would be cute if I could see the whole thing at once. It only takes 30 minutes or more to see it. It keeps starting and stopping over & over again. Only see 1 second of it at a time. Can’t even make out what the people are saying.

  180. Nancy Says:

    So whats my problem. Ya know?

  181. Mary Ann Says:

    I love cats and thought this was a great. LOL

  182. Manfred Says:


  183. Ed Says:

    I have three. Would the water ever quit running?

  184. patti Says:

    My neighbor, Mike’s absennian uses the toliet properly – properly until a guest closed the lid and the cat pooped atop the lid. Didn’t have to remind that guest AGAIN to leave the lid up.

  185. anna Says:

    Great clip.
    Very talented kitty:)

  186. Robert Says:

    what most people, even avid cat owners, aren’t aware of is that many cats have a compulsion for fresh water. This is why they often prefer to drink from running fawcets. A lesson to all cat owners to replace their water dish daily with purified water. You can actually add to their health and life expectancy.

  187. Donna Says:

    Maybe you could show your co-workers the video and suggest that even the cat knows proper bathroom procedures.

  188. Dave Says:

    This remarkable video of the creative cat and the flush toilet proves that “Laughter is the Best Medicine.” Were all the people in the world able to see this video I do believe life would take on greater meaning for all of us. We definitely need to see the lighter side of life. This cat and its antics would become a worldwide hit!

  189. Milton , California Says:

    Clearly a candidate for The Most Funniest Home Videos. Definitely a Winner! You Should Submit it. If you haven’t already done so.

  190. Mad dog Says:

    Push the cat in and flush!!
    I’ve been trying to get a drink from my self replenishing water bowl gour days now!!
    Barks the dog.

  191. Christy Says:

    If they moved to Australia that cats mind would be blown.

  192. kimberly Says:

    way to go kitty now if it remembers to put the seat down,then cats are smarter than men.

  193. Glenda Says:

    That poor kitty seems so intrigued by the toilet, I wonder if he/she got over this or if they did this continuously.

  194. Gary Says:

    Would not play! Just sat there saying “Loading” for the l o n g e s t time, but nothing happened. Bummer

  195. Karen Says:

    I’d have to turn off the water source (at the spigot)or get it a recycling “toy” toilet — That is way too cute! Having 2 cats of my own, for the sake of my water bill, I’m glad they haven’t thought of that one.

  196. robert redding Says:

    it wuould’t come thru!!!!!

  197. joanne okemow Says:


  198. john Says:

    cats are pretty clever. Mine likes to sit on my lap and listen to rock and roll music. Good old Larry, I’ve had him about 10 years.We hate dogs! My daughter has 2 of them and they crap all over the place. Larry uses his litterbox , no problem.Stupid dogs, who needs them? John

  199. DON DUISEN Says:

    I had a siamese cat named stinkerbutt that got up on toilet seat and dir her business. BUT DID NOT FLUSH IT. DON

  200. bob Says:

    Very funny…I wondered if the cat ever stopped flushing or is it still going on?

  201. Layne Says:

    this was precious

  202. David West Says:

    that was so funny i almost split my pants hahaha

  203. John Says:

    I wish those #$%^& kids would leave my
    catnip toys alone! I could use a plunger
    right about now!MERRRRROOOW!

  204. Gavilan Pollero Says:

    Que cosa mas mona, mira que gato mas inteligente, eso lo hace para que el perro no se coma la caca!!

  205. Perry Says:

    hey, where did all those tasty little jimmy dean sausages go ?

  206. Sidney Says:

    Would not load, wish I could view it, sounds funny.

  207. Renee H. Says:


    Was the cat a plumber in a past life?

    Also, is it not dizzy as heck yet?

  208. Buck Says:

    Hey- Where’d that goldfish go ?

  209. Mr.Big Says:

    I love your kitty.Now, if you can teach him to use the toilet, this will all pay off !!
    Thanks 4 the laugh, I needed it.

  210. Dru Says:

    That’s freaking crazy!!! I can’t believe a cat would do that. Hey I guess they are smarter then we think. If the cat could only go to the bathroom in the john then it would be worth while!!!! lol

  211. Homer Says:

    Sure doesn’t take much to amuse a cat.

  212. tonya Says:

    I really enjoyed this e-mail , It was really funny ,I had to also show my kids and they wanted to see it over and over then they wanted to see it again the next day . it was really funny and quit ! ! ! we have two cats and its so funny how they just fit into your family . BUT our cats can’t do what this cat is doing ,unless they do it wile we are not watching them or we are gone HaHaHa funniest home videos would like this and you would probably win take good care of your cat and give it lots of LOVE ! ! ! ! !

  213. Susan Says:

    Wish I could have played it . . . from the picture it must have been cute! What special do you need to view this?

  214. Debbie Says:

    What a hoot! How long did it go on? Is it still going on?

  215. john silver Says:

    insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results
    this is one CRAZY kitty !!!
    thanx for the fun

  216. Hannah Says:

    This is SOOOOOOOOOOO funny! I never knew that cats were so… intelligent. Thanx!!

  217. Jared Says:

    That was hillarious!It looked like he was drinking out of the toilet! thanks for sharing!

  218. Caroline Says:

    It looked like he was playing with a mouse who was being flushed down the toilet!! Ha Ha Ha!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  219. cat litter Says:

    *taps fingers on desk and wonders why nobody is postin*

    \”Postin\” -Southern Verb, to post. lol

  220. Bitsy Says:

    I have one cat, Emma, who actually uses the toilet!! It is oh so funny to watch her. I have one, Tom Tom, that leans down into the toilet & scratch’s inside of the bowl until he hits water, then he drinks. Now if Emma would learn how to flush, Tom Tom would have no worries.
    (if the lid is down & one of the water bowls is empty, Emma will use it!)

  221. Ed Says:

    Now, if only the cat will learn how to go in the toilet before he flushes!

  222. $D3Y$CAlL$M3$Mrz.T.I$ Says:

    L0Lz ii LiiK DiiZ Viid3O iiTZ TiiT3 MAK3 SOM3 MO iiGHT~CUT3 CAtt THANXZ 4 SHARiiN DA Viid3O WiiT US


  223. $D3Y$CAlL$M3$Mrz.T.I$ Says:

    N3W-N3W A.K.A MRZ.T.I iiZ OUtt OF DA BUiiLDiiN~HoLLa~

  224. kim Says:

    I flushed the toilet for my cat because he like to watch the water swirl and then he would attack it!Be sure to stand back when he did, every thing got wet!!!!!!!

  225. Manuel Says:


  226. Honey why is the water bill so high PAgent Progress Words | Menopause Relief Says:

    [...] Honey why is the water bill so high PAgent Progress Words Posted by root 8 minutes ago ( Follow up comment rss or leave a trackback this really made my morning in hot orlando florida thanks for sharing this remarkable video of the creative cat and the flush toilet proves that laughter is the best medicine powered by wordpress talian designed Discuss  |  Bury |  News | Honey why is the water bill so high PAgent Progress Words [...]