May 25, 2023

Talisman "Wolf Fang" - symbolism, features, properties

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Do you lack self-confidence, stability, and charisma? Do you want to add a touch of exoticism and brutality to your image? Do you dream of success in any endeavor? A handmade amber amulet will provide all this - and how and why it works, our article will tell!

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Facts, legends and tales about the predator

Wolves belong to the canine family - one of the most numerous among mammals. Their prehistoric ancestor was Canis lepophagus (from the Latin words "lepus" - "hare" and "phagus" - "to devour"), a graceful animal with a long, narrow snout that lived in the territory of the modern USA about 20 million years ago. Since then, wolves have become much larger - some specimens, especially in cold countries, weigh more than 90 kg and reach 85-100 cm at the nape. They inhabit tundras, steppes, forest steppes, alpine meadows and deserts of Europe, Asia and North America, obtaining food by hunting.

Predators live in packs, but form monogamous unions - the male chooses a female and stays with her until one of the pair dies. They carefully care for their offspring, carefully hatching each litter. In addition, animals have highly developed social intelligence and communication - the range of sounds they make is almost like human speech!

Панно з бурштину «Вовк та вовчиця»

All this made animals frequent characters of folklore. Here are just a few beliefs:

  • The Egyptians worshiped Upuaut ("Opener of the Way") - the guide of the dead in the form of a wolf, to whom they even dedicated the city of Nejefet-henetet, or Lycopolis. He helped disembodied souls not to get lost in the afterlife;
  • Among the ancient Greeks, the gray beast was the messenger of the warlike Ares. A male talisman with his figure instilled courage in hearts and heralded victory;
  • A common story about a she-wolf that nursed a king or a hero. Genghis Khan, the ruler of Persia, Cyrus, Romulus and Remus (the founders of Rome) allegedly had a similar "nanny";
  • In the Turkic epic, wise magicians turn into white animals. And in China, they embody fearlessness, a fierce and risky character;
  • Wotan - the supreme deity of the Scandinavians - was served by Geri and Freki (translated from Icelandic - "Greedy" and "Gluttonous"). To occupy a part of their strength, the Vikings wore a wonderful amulet - a wolf's fang. The Hittites, Iranians, and Germans had similar emblems;
Ікло вовка амулет
  • Predators were totems (cult ancestors) in the Sioux, Ojibwe, Cherokee, Comanche and Mohican tribes. So the Indians emphasized their dexterity, ingenuity and generosity;
  • The Slavs also honored the beast - the Russians, Serbs, and Bulgarians. A meeting with him promised success and unexpected profit, a good crop of livestock and a rich harvest. Sometimes loved ones who decided to visit the descendants, and sometimes - powerful sorcerers, hid under the shaggy skin;
  • In medieval heraldry, the wolf became an allegory of vigilance and prudence. And its stylized silhouette in alchemical treatises denoted antimony - a chemical element that entered into an aggressive reaction with metals;
  • But Christians equated animals with chaos, heresy, gluttony, and debauchery. Fables spread widely about werewolves - people who, due to their sins, lost their human form during the full moon and attacked everyone they saw. But still there were knights, merchants and peasants who wanted to buy a wolf's fang - it gave valor, and protected against mutilation, premature death, false slander and robbers. And when the ascetic Francis of Assisi tamed a huge monster attacking Gubbio (a commune in Italy), he lived on charity until the end of his life and was an example of frantic repentance;
  • In Mexico, Huecoyotl, the god of fun, music, singing and dancing, appeared in the guise of a predator;
  • Turks also perceive the animal positively - it is associated with impeccable honesty, justice and incorruptibility. The name "Bozkurt", i.e. "Grey Wolves", is the name of an organization of patriotic youth;
  • In mystical practices, this animal represents the unity between rational and instinctive, powerful intuition, and freedom from complexes.

Amulet "Wolf Fang" - meaning and use

It is believed that pieces of fur, claws, teeth or simply the image of some animal are imbued with its energy. They attract abundance, prosperity and well-being to their owner, endow him with the features of a patron spirit, and protect him from otherworldly evil. Who needs such products?

This is an ancient attribute of all those who bravely fight for someone else's peace - soldiers, officers, rescuers, border guards and customs officers. It gives determination and steadfastness, allows you to master yourself, overcome troubles and problems, find the optimal way out of a difficult situation, and implement long-conceived plans.

In addition, such creations were made for spouses as a guarantee of fidelity, harmony, happiness and mutual understanding. They warn against treason, create home comfort, and bring fertility.

The effect differs depending on who will be the owner of the souvenir. Here's how the amulet works:

  • Meaning for men – cleansing the mind from anger, vanity and laziness, stimulating entrepreneurship, preventing reckless actions, conflicts, ailments and injuries, increasing natural sexuality;
  • For girls, this thing will indicate a kind, affectionate and attractive groom, will awaken hidden sensuality, will add initiative, vivacity, passion and independence, will protect against slander, intrigues, envious people. In addition, it strengthens women's health - relieves monthly ailments, helps to easily get pregnant and give birth, and then quickly restore the former shape;
  • The accessory will also be useful for children: both those who are just teething (it will relieve irritability and fever, drive away colds, colic, and allergies), and teenagers - with it you can not be afraid of bad acquaintances and bad habits.

Кулон-амулет з рогу оленя та бурштину «Ікло вовка»

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