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Google Flu Trends

Did you know that Google has been attempting to track influenza activity using only keyword search activity? It’s still only an experimental concept, but it looks like it works. In fact, it works well enough that Google has decided to start publicly tracking current flu activity in Mexico.

Every day, I am closer to living in the future that science fiction promised.

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Schweine – Glukoza

In honor of certain, ahem, current events, I’m posting one of my favorite animated music videos. The song is “Schweine” by Russian popstar Glukoza, released in 2005.

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So, Two Japanese Businessmen Stop to Pee by the Road…

via neatorama by way of videosift.

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The return of 9

Waaayy back in December of 2006, I posted a short animated clip about a post-apocalyptic ragdoll named 9. At the time, I thought it was really well done, and a great little short.

But it turns out that they’re making a movie of 9’s adventures. A major motion picture, if you will. With 9 voiced by Elijah Wood. Big time, baby.

And if you were wondering if this movie was going to be more cute, or more creepy, I have the answer right here:

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Philips Carousel

This short film from Adam Berg and Stink Digital is intended to showcase the new Philips Carousel LCD television.

It’s a nifty little clip, featuring a single tracking shot that moves gracefully through the chaos of an over-the-top confrontation between costumed thieves and the police. I understand it’s hyperbole in action, but I still question the decision to have so very many objects hovering in mid-air at the same time.

Note: if you suffer from an abnormal fear of evil clowns, you might want to skip this one.

You can find an interactive version of the film at www.philips.co.uk/cinema.

via Ticklebooth

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Providing Horse-Related Guidance

song chart memes
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Just another community service from flotsam.

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Schick Quattro For Women – Trim Yer Bush

I remember when commercials were occasionally subtle.

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A sweet and well-made short film.

via Ticklebooth

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The next time you’re feeling sorry for yourself, or think you’ve had a particularly bad day, cruise over to Fmylife (short for F*** My Life) and read some of the submissions. It might just give you some perspective.

Today, I took the bus to work and a sweet old lady got on after me and sat next to me. Halfway to work, she fell asleep and her head was on my shoulder. Trying to be nice, I gently tried to wake her up before my stop came. She wasn’t sleeping. I let a dead woman lie on me for 30 minutes. FML

Today, I went to my doctor for a check-up before my Caribbean vacation. He informed me I am overweight for my height and should “eat better, exercise, and lose the excess weight.” I just returned from rehab for bulimia a month ago. My vacation was a celebration of overcoming my eating disorder. FML

Today, half asleep, I dropped my pill before I could take it. I quickly picked it up and washed it down. Five hours later, I just found my pill on the ground. What did I swallow? FML

As an added bonus, you can vote on whether or not a given submission truly represents a f*cked-up life.

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Billy Connolly – The Colonoscopy

Strictly speaking, this bit is not about the colonoscopy, but about the preparations for the colonoscopy. Note: Billy Connolly has a potty mouth, so this is pretty much NSFW. Hilarious, but NSFW.

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