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Lelo commented on the last post (Meow Mix) that she was wondering what the two previous posts had in common, and postulated that maybe it was “odd animal sounds”.

That’s true, but that isn’t really the answer. What all of these posts have in common is that they entertain me. They are beautiful enough, funny enough, informative enough, or odd enough to make me stop and say “Wow”. That’s all.

I don’t post entries that have been carefully calculated to attract scads of visitors (obviously). I post entries that I think my friends would like, because I like them.

All of which is merely an introduction to Muzorama, a short animated film based on the universe of french illustrator Muzo. It is surreal to the point of insensibility.

But I like it, so here it is:

Muzorama from Muzorama Team on Vimeo.

via Ticklebooth.

Tags:, Muzo, surreal

White Box

White Box from makoto yabuki on Vimeo.

Thanks to @reidab (Reid Beels)

Tags:, color, yabuki

The Original Multi-tool

Tanuki are creatures from Japanese folklore. While there are actual animals called tanuki, also known as the “raccoon dog”, the tanuki of legend are mischevious and jolly, and are masters of disguise.

There is a lot of information about tanuki available, but for most Westerners the defining feature of tanuki are their enormous testicles. What’s more, their huge scrotums can be used as anything from an improvised shelter to a fishing net:

A collection of woodblock prints from the 1840’s of tanuki using their testicles in a variety of ways is available at Pink Tentacle. Check them out.

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