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Technology Quiz

Considering my line of work, I should certainly hope so.

What about you? If you got dumped 2000 years in the past, would you be able to jump-start any technological advancements? Or would you be that crazy guy that keeps muttering about flying machines and tiny invisible animals that make you sick?

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Images of Fail

via videosift.com

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Yeah, baby…

And THIS is why Mrs. Agent will never leave me:

Can you vibrate as much as a sex toy?

Created by Sex Toys.org

I’d love to brag about my mystical training in the Eastern Sensual Arts, but this is far more likely to be a reflection of a lifetime spent mashing buttons on game controllers.

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Oh my God. This is just spectacularly awful. And yet, I’m sharing it with you.

Lolcats have an anthem now. And it’s oddly appropriate.

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Would You Survive?

These are apparently my chances against a variety of wild animals:

Better than I expected, to be honest.

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