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Technology Quiz

Considering my line of work, I should certainly hope so.

What about you? If you got dumped 2000 years in the past, would you be able to jump-start any technological advancements? Or would you be that crazy guy that keeps muttering about flying machines and tiny invisible animals that make you sick?

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Images of Fail

via videosift.com


Yeah, baby…

And THIS is why Mrs. Agent will never leave me:

Can you vibrate as much as a sex toy?

Created by Sex Toys.org

I’d love to brag about my mystical training in the Eastern Sensual Arts, but this is far more likely to be a reflection of a lifetime spent mashing buttons on game controllers.



Oh my God. This is just spectacularly awful. And yet, I’m sharing it with you.

Lolcats have an anthem now. And it’s oddly appropriate.

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Would You Survive?

These are apparently my chances against a variety of wild animals:

Better than I expected, to be honest.

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