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Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer

This is a GREAT looking trailer for the new Star Wars MMO from BioWare. If you like the idea of a bunch of Sith (and a kick-ass Mandalorean) letting the air out of a bunch of Jedis, look no further.

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Nice Muscle!

Here’s a Japanese game trailer for a Wii game called “Nice Muscle!”

I don’t understand it, but I want it.

Left 4 Dead

“Left 4 Dead” is a highly anticipated game that releases on November 18. It’s a classic “the-city-is-full-of-zombies-trying-to-eat-my-brains” scenario with two important differences:

A) These zombies do not shuffle. They sprint, pounce, and almost fly.

B) You aren’t all alone.

It’s that last bit that makes the gaming community drool at the prospect of playing Left 4 Dead. You see, although it’s a first person shooter, you play as one member of a team of four Survivors, which can be controlled by an AI, or you can play with up to three other players. It’s got truly cooperative gameplay, in that the game will sometimes require that you be assisted by another Survivor.

I don’t like zombies. Zombie movies, and games, give me the willies. Despite knowing this full well, my buddy SFSJ has expressed a desire to play Left 4 Dead with me. My initial lack of enthusiasm has positively plummeted after watching this cinematic from the game:

Good God Almighty. All I know is, if I have to play this, I want to be the guy with the shotgun.

Dennou Figure ARis

It’s totally cliche to say the Japanese are freaks when it comes to cartoon sexuality. And it’s also true. The latest exhibit for the prosecution is a game released in Japan this October that features optical recognition and glyph tracking to display virtual anime cuties. It looks like you place the glyph cube to define the location of your cutie in 3-D space, and then you use a glyph paddle to interact with her. And by “interact”, I mean take her clothes off and spank her. Then when she’s curled up weeping in the corner, you can give her gifts of stuffed toys and new outfits.

I’m not kidding.

The following video contains excessive terrified squealing. Oh, and make sure you watch to the very end for the surprise guest.

via Geekologie

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