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Happy Halloween: Photos of Ghosts

As I’ve stated before, I’m a skeptic. I earnestly believe that 99% of the ghostly and/or religious images that people believe they see are either wishful thinking, or our brains’ superlative ability to find familiar patterns in random noise.

However, as I’ve also stated before, I’m a great big sissy when it comes to the paranormal, and stories like this give me the heebie-jeebies:

Ghostly Photos – Hauntings Or Hoaxes?

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Created and produced by Rémi Gaillard. See more at nimportequi.com

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Quote of the Day

A few minutes ago, a group of four 17 year olds walked into The 4th Wall for the sole purpose of making fun of comic books, graphic novels and the people who like them. For the majority of their visit, I managed to refrain from punching any of them in the head or opening my mouth…up until this moment:

Girl 1: So, like, was this always your dream? To open up a little comic book shop for dorks?
Me: Actually, no. My dream was to become an astronaut, but that was cut short when NASA discovered my secret.
Girl 1: Your secret?
Me: Yeah, turns out I love kicking ignorant teens who condescend to others. In the throat.
Girl 1: What?
Me: You want to come in the back room for a sec?
Girl 2: We should probably get going.

I think I’ve got a grasp on this customer service thing.

–Ryan Sohmer, Least I Could Do

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Only you can stop vegetable abuse

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I just finished reading “World War Z”, so I think I was particularly receptive to this little film. Well worth a watch.

Sepsis from Esteve Boix on Vimeo.

via Warren Ellis

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Technology Quiz

Considering my line of work, I should certainly hope so.

What about you? If you got dumped 2000 years in the past, would you be able to jump-start any technological advancements? Or would you be that crazy guy that keeps muttering about flying machines and tiny invisible animals that make you sick?

Take the Quiz

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Eric O’Shea

On Elmo and music for commercials:

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This Man

I have worked long and hard to become rational, to become a skeptic. I have escaped most of the fears of my youth through application of intellect.

But stuff like this comes along, and it completely bypasses my higher reasoning centers and pokes the hairy ape gibbering in the back of my brain.

In short, it gives me the willies.

This Man

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Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend

I think once you’ve watched this, you will join me in saying: “WTF??”

Probably Not Safe For Work

via The Bloggess

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Immaterials: The Ghost in the Field

There are those who believe RFID tags are the spawn of Satan, tools expressly designed to permit the Illuminati to track our movements, and monitor our activities.

On the other hand, I’ve been involved with many patent applications that use RFID tags in very intelligent, and very useful, ways.

Either way, this video depicts a very clever way to determine the 3-D shape of the radio field generated by an RFID reader.

Immaterials: the ghost in the field from timo on Vimeo.

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