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Quote of the Day

A few minutes ago, a group of four 17 year olds walked into The 4th Wall for the sole purpose of making fun of comic books, graphic novels and the people who like them. For the majority of their visit, I managed to refrain from punching any of them in the head or opening my mouth…up until this moment:

Girl 1: So, like, was this always your dream? To open up a little comic book shop for dorks?
Me: Actually, no. My dream was to become an astronaut, but that was cut short when NASA discovered my secret.
Girl 1: Your secret?
Me: Yeah, turns out I love kicking ignorant teens who condescend to others. In the throat.
Girl 1: What?
Me: You want to come in the back room for a sec?
Girl 2: We should probably get going.

I think I’ve got a grasp on this customer service thing.

–Ryan Sohmer, Least I Could Do

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Oh xkcd, how I love thee.

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Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #53…

…may be the worst comic book Chris Sims has ever read. Regardless, it is the source of one of the most hilarious single panels ever penciled, inked, and colored:


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Death Ray

As a reformed scientist, I think this is completely awesome.

from Cowbirds in Love via Neatorama

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Elevator Action

via Miss Cellania

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