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Say “aahhhhhh”

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Dog Costumes

God help me, I laughed at this:

If you want to see 19 more costumes for your pet, click the image.

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Oh xkcd, how I love thee.

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Supper Ready? Pretty Swell….

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Handy Visual Comparison

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“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

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Images of Fail

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Recipe Book Fail

I have to admit, I laughed at this. I am a bad person.

fail owned pwned pictures
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“Blue” and “Green” Spirals

This is a spectacular optical illusion:

What’s the trick, you ask? Just this: The blue and green spirals are the exact same color.

Impossible? Not at all. For the explanation, go see this post at the Bad Astronomy blog. As the author says:

This is why I tell people over and over again: you cannot trust what you see even with your own eyes. Your eyes are not cameras faithfully taking pictures of absolute truth of all that surrounds you. They have filters, and your brain has to interpret the jangled mess it gets fed. Colors are not what they appear, shapes are not what they appear … objects are not what they appear.

So the next time someone swears they saw Jesus, or a UFO, or a ghost, show them this picture. What you see in life is absolutely and provably not what you get.

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The Original Multi-tool

Tanuki are creatures from Japanese folklore. While there are actual animals called tanuki, also known as the “raccoon dog”, the tanuki of legend are mischevious and jolly, and are masters of disguise.

There is a lot of information about tanuki available, but for most Westerners the defining feature of tanuki are their enormous testicles. What’s more, their huge scrotums can be used as anything from an improvised shelter to a fishing net:

A collection of woodblock prints from the 1840’s of tanuki using their testicles in a variety of ways is available at Pink Tentacle. Check them out.

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