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“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

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Milkman vs. Mailman

The latest from Barats and Bereta:

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Walk on the Wild Side

A BBC comedy series

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Office Camouflage (Russian ad)

via videosift

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In our house, we are big Les Stroud fans.

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Lelo commented on the last post (Meow Mix) that she was wondering what the two previous posts had in common, and postulated that maybe it was “odd animal sounds”.

That’s true, but that isn’t really the answer. What all of these posts have in common is that they entertain me. They are beautiful enough, funny enough, informative enough, or odd enough to make me stop and say “Wow”. That’s all.

I don’t post entries that have been carefully calculated to attract scads of visitors (obviously). I post entries that I think my friends would like, because I like them.

All of which is merely an introduction to Muzorama, a short animated film based on the universe of french illustrator Muzo. It is surreal to the point of insensibility.

But I like it, so here it is:

Muzorama from Muzorama Team on Vimeo.

via Ticklebooth.

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Meow Mix

PAgent is not responsible for emotional or psychological trauma resulting from watching and/or hearing this video. Click at own risk.

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Ed Needs Bob’s Help.

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Hubble Ultra-Deep Field

Please watch the whole thing.

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Now THAT’S a Trailer

The movie “Legion”, slated for release on January 22, 2010, is the story of the Apocalypse. But not the Apocalypse you’re familiar with. No, in this version, God loses faith in Mankind, and sends his legion of angels to bring on the Apocalypse. Against them is the Archangel Michael (Paul Bettany), who has defied God and taken the side of humanity.

Oh, and did I mention that a truck stop waitress is carrying a child that is the only hope for mankind?

This trailer is either awesome, or it’s awful.

Or just maybe it’s so awful that it becomes awesome.

Regardless, it is for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

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