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Rare Exports — The Movie


If you’ve followed me for any reasonable duration, you know how much I love the Rare Exports short videos: Rare Exports 1, Rare Exports 2

And now they’re making a MOVIE!!

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Trailer 3 — HD


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They Must Be Jehovah’s Witmeeses

funny puns-Church Mice
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Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

Here’s a little Friday afternoon gift for you: A recording of Matthew Wilder performing (i.e. lip syncing) his hit “Break My Stride” on Solid Gold. With the Solid Gold Dancers. Oh yeah, don’t you miss the 80s?

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“Sir, can I see your driver’s lic—-OH GOD, WOLVES!”

It was just a normal traffic stop on State Route M32, in southwestern Ukraine. The officer waved a motorist over to the shoulder for having a missing headlight. Then, the wolves came.

Update: Apparently this video is a fake. What’s the world coming to when a video of a pack of wolves racing across a highway is fake? HOW CAN WE TRUST ANYTHING NOW??

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This animated short has been around for a while, but it’s certainly worth another look.

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Just one of the many hazards associated with wildlife photography

via riotclitshave

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Smell Like a Monster

Sesame Street does a wonderful parody of this terrific Old Spice ad.

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The Most Beautiful Girl in the Lab

I’m not really a huge Flight of the Conchords fan, but I had to post this regardless. I simply had no choice.

via Geekologie

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Evolution in Action

This is why you need to count to 10 when you get pissed off. Because it only takes one little moment of irritation and — Et Voilà! You’ve voluntarily removed yourself from the gene pool.

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Remember, Kids:

ALWAYS wear your seat belts.

Buckle Up Dude Gif - Buckle Up Dude
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