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“Monsters” is a collection of absolutely charming short clips by Volstok Telefunken that feature animated monsters interacting with filmed environments. Beautiful, beautiful work.

Go meet the Monsters.

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Cowabunga, Dude


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Four Chords

You only need to know four chords to write a hit song. A brilliant analysis by the Axis of Awesome.

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Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #53…

…may be the worst comic book Chris Sims has ever read. Regardless, it is the source of one of the most hilarious single panels ever penciled, inked, and colored:


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“Coraline” Trailer

“Coraline” is the new stop-motion feature based on the wonderfully creepy book
by Neil Gaiman. The animation was done at the Laika studio, here in Portland, and looks absolutely top-notch.

I am posting this particular trailer here because Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself on Twitter) says it’s the first Coraline trailer that he’s liked…

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The Remnants

“The Remnants” is a web pilot, shot during the screenwriters strike by John August. It concerns itself with a handful of survivors after The Apocalypse, and it has a hell of a cast.

The Remnants from John August on Vimeo.

Click through to Vimeo for the HD version.

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First Flight

This is a nice little clip from National Geographic showing Barack Obama’s first use of Air Force One.

He just seems like such a nice guy, you know?

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The Log Driver’s Waltz

As it is one of my favorite pieces of animation, I have already posted this once, back on PAgent’s Progress. Ah, but that was a horribly low-resolution, blurry, awful excuse for a clip. Now that the Film Board of Canada has published their catalog online, everyone can see these films as they were intended to be seen.

And you can see this one again, the way IT was meant to be seen. And heard.

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Top 10 George Bush Moments

From David Letterman

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U.S. Airways crash

I’m sure this footage is all over the web, but I don’t care. As Shawn Levy says, “Not much happens in this film until the 2:00 mark, then it becomes the most amazing thing you ever saw.”

I heard a news commentator talking about how uplifting the whole response effort was. How it showed that when you have the right systems in place, and more importantly the right people in place, amazing things can be accomplished. She speculated that this was the kind of event that can turn the mood of an entire nation around. I hope she’s right.

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