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Don’t Make Me Pull This Car Over

via FuzzyDave’s Carousel of Wonderosities

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Chem Humor

Yes, puns count as humor.

via So Much Pun!

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Schizophrenic Episode Simulation

Interesting video that attempts to demonstrate what daily life can be like for someone suffering from schizophrenia. It’s a noble effort at trying to educate the public about a serious and often-misunderstood disorder, but bear in mind it was produced by a pharmaceutical company.

via Dark Roasted Blend

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Who Do You Trust? -DC Online Trailer

Okay, this is the second gaming video I’ve posted in two days, but this is a really good-looking trailer. Hell, I’d like to see the guys that did this do a full-length feature film.

via Bob’s House of Video Games

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Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid

This is flat-out well done. And funny, if you’re an aficionado of shooters.

via Bob’s House of Video Games

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A Pug sings the “Batman” theme

via Whatever.

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