I rode my bike to work again today. Due to the damnably invariant movement of the celestial spheres, sunrise is coming later and later in the mornings. It was pretty darn dark when I set out. Cold, too.

At lunch I picked up a front light. A very bright white three-LED unit by Cateye. My wife will be less stressed.

I went up Barbur Blvd this time. It was definitely easier. Until I have thighs of steel, I should probably stick to the more gradual climb. It still took me about an hour to get home.

The wife and I ran by Costco this evening (to pick up prescriptions, naturally) and spotted the complete first season of The Muppet Show on DVD, Special Edition. Joy! I grew up loving The Muppet Show, and I still think it was the second greatest variety show of my time (the first being The Carol Burnett Show). I have been getting Muppet Show DVDs from Netflix (uh…for the kids, yeah) but this 4-disc set includes 24 episodes. I’m so excited.