We have some very good neighbors who happen to be fairly devout Christians. While they are not overbearing in the application of their moral values, they nevertheless have moral values, and have raised their children accordingly.

That’s why I almost did a spit take a couple of years ago when I saw their attractive teenage daughter wearing a pair of sweatpants with the word “Juicy” written across her butt. What was this, advertisement? And was this the kind of thing you wanted to advertise? How ‘juicy’ you were?

Of course I found out that ‘Juicy’, or more properly ‘Juicy Couture’, is a brandname, and probably an example of her parents choosing their battles carefully.

But I’m still mystified by the whole phenomenon. We men are told we are pigs if we stare at a woman’s derriere. And yet, there’s a whole subset of clothing that plasters advertising across the butt of women’s clothing. It seems a bit unfair.

Asswriting is a Flickr photoset dedicated to examples of butt-propaganda in the LA area. While the photos are funny, the commentary on the photos is just as entertaining.