Sorry I’ve been remiss about posting, but it’s been quite the week. The various distractions that have kept me from sitting down and organizing my thoughts (such as they are) include but are not limited to the following:

  • The Wife had a migraine all week, rendering her paradoxically both more cranky and more helpless.
  • The Girl (the one who qualifies for TAG, was on the Honor Roll at the beginning of the year, and reads at nearly college level) is failing Literacy. The issue seems to be that she just doesn’t want to do the homework. I am not terribly sympathetic.
  • Our heating system died yesterday, necessitating an after-hours emergency call to get at least emergency heat going in the house. This is like the third time that’s happened since it was installed.
  • Excitement about possibly getting a trike, followed by depression when the seller changed his mind and decided to keep it after all. At least he still loaned it to me for the weekend so I can try it out. If it stops raining.
  • My XBox is slowly but surely dying, and it takes me longer and longer to get it to run properly every day. I finally bowed to the inevitable and put in a repair order with Microsoft.
  • Dealing with yet another blog. My clan’s website automatically sets up a blog space for members, and I simply can’t resist a blank space with my name on it. I will probably post most video game-related content over there instead of here. You can reach it via the link in the right sidebar labeled “Incoming Headshot”.

Lest this happen again, I solemnly swear that if several days go by without some kind of meaningful post, I’ll start posting bad poetry.