Many of you fine folks follow my strange mutterings via an RSS feed of this blog. That’s awesome, and I appreciate your interest. However, I worry that the folks that don’t actually visit the site might be missing some of the many ancillary features I’ve incorporated over the years. And so I am deviating from….whatever it is that I’m usually posting to offer a quick rundown of these exciting options that have been made available to you, the discerning web-surfer, at absolutely no additional cost.

The Video Gadget

Although I have a small version of my video gadget in the left sidebar, that is not the actual gadget. PAgent’s Video Picks should be added to your custom iGoogle start page. In that way you can view the selected clips full-size, and you will see any updates to the content of the gadget immediately. I give a lot of thought to the video I select for inclusion in the gadget, so you might consider installing it.

Shared Items

Also in the left sidebar is a list of the most recent shared items from my Google Reader RSS aggregator. If you don’t want to visit the website to see what I’ve shared lately, you can always bookmark my Shared Items page, which will list all my shared items.

pdxmetro on Jaiku

The left sidebar also includes the most recent posts to the #pdxmetro channel at Jaiku. The great thing about Jaiku is that it has a robust platform, offers channels so you can be selective about the kind of content you subscribe to, and is migrating to the Google App Engine. The bad thing about Jaiku is that NOBODY IS USING IT. So, why am I going with Jaiku instead of everyone’s sweetheart, Twitter? I think it’s a better product, I think it will win out in the long run after growing pains with Google die down, and I’m sick of seeing the damn failwhale at twitter. So, if you’re in the Portland, Oregon area, and you have a Jaiku account, consider joining #pdxmetro. If you don’t have a Jaiku account, let me know and I’ll send you an invite.


This is my little comic strip. I create it with the toolset available at Bitstrips, and I’m enjoying it immensely. You can see Nonobvious at the Nonobvious page, via the Nonobvious RSS feed in the right sidebar, or at If you have feedback on the strip, I’d like to hear it.

Incoming Headshot

Also in the right sidebar, a link to my gaming blog at I will typically only post video game content there, but if that’s your bag, check it out.


I occasionally provide content over at Fuzzytopia, especially content that defies being pigeonholed anywhere else. There’s a link in the right sidebar to Fuzzytopia, you should visit and meet the natives.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.