I started this blog partly under the influence of peer pressure.

I have been a member of the community over at LinkFilter, and had experimented with keeping an online journal there. My posts there had varied from bad poetry to stream-of-consciousness rambling. But I had enjoyed keeping it. I think some of the things I wrote were pretty good.

So why start a new blog? I still enjoy LinkFilter, and am still a member of that community. But several of the people whose contributions I enjoy had left LinkFilter, to start their own blogs. And the tone of the interactions there had taken a darker, more confrontational turn. It seemed like an opportunity to take a new direction, and to have more control. And all the cool kids were doing it.

Even so, I didn’t think anyone but a few LinkFilter alumni would read this, if they did. I sent an email to a few old friends, in case they were interested in tuning in. But I really believed this would be more of an exercise for my own benefit.

And then tonight, someone I didn’t even know left a comment on one of my blog entries. It freaked me out, a little. Intellectually, I knew that other bloggers could find me, but it didn’t occur to me that any of them actually would. Hrmmm.

I hope this doesn’t affect the writing I intended to do in this space. When I started journaling at LF, I didn’t know anyone there, either. And some of them became terrific online acquaintances. I hope I can keep an open mind and a positive outlook.

And thanks for your attention.