I finally did something today that I’ve been needing to do for, oh, a year. When the wife and I upgraded our cell phones, we bagged up our two old Nokias and my ancient Motorola brick phone, and set them aside to donate to at-risk women. I even brought the bag into work. And there it sat, mocking me, reminding me that I was so sorry-ass lazy I couldn’t even manage to carry a bag ‘o phones across town.

Well, I put on my walking gear today, but instead of walking down to the river, I walked down the South Park Blocks to Portland State University, found the Women’s Resource Center, and handed over the bag ‘o phones.

Did you know that any cell phone, whether it is associated with a calling plan or not, can call 911? That’s why various organizations refurbish these cell phones and distribute them to battered women, women who have had to leave their homes, women that are being stalked, women living out of their cars. That cell phone can represent their final line of defense from a psycho ex-boyfriend, and in the end a cell phone might prove much more helpful than a restraining order, even if they managed to get one.

So, if you have some old cell phones laying around, stuffed in a drawer, etc., spend a few minutes googling for cell phone donations in your area. It could turn out to be a lifesaver for some woman.

On the way back from PSU, I stopped at Superdogs and had a Chicago Style dog. It was the best Chicago Style I’d had since leaving Illinois, and that’s fifteen years ago. Hot peppers, big ‘ol slice of pickle, tomatoes, fluorescent green relish - yum. And the bun was excellent. And the atmosphere was fun. You gotta love campus hangouts.

I will be attending a neighborhood meeting this evening. We have an industrial area right next to our little neighborhood. In fact it is just on the other side of the trees from our house. The company that is located closest to us wishes to discuss some changes with the residents of our neighborhood. Although I am by nature a pessimist, I still think it is safe to assume that they won’t be discussing making less noise, or planting trees, or scaling down their operation. It should be entertaining.