I finally did it. I girded my loins, layered my clothing, and rode my bike in to work today. The forecast was for 38 degrees in the morning. Well, unless the freezing point of water has miraculously elevated recently, it was a lot colder than that. We had crispy crunchy grass and ice on the windshields.

Started riding and it was cold. It was damn cold. It was so cold I kept waiting to hear the crunch of my frozen testicles hitting the road after they dropped off. But, just as I entered Garden Home, a warm breeze caressed my face. Portland is rife with microclimates, and I guess I rode into a warm zone. The (relatively) warm air made the ride much more bearable. Even though I rode back into the freezer when I came down the hill into downtown, by then I was warmed up and I could tolerate it much better. Except for my toes.

So, how was the commute? Pathetic. I was wheezing like an ancient radiator and felt weak as a kitten. But this was just the first commute of 2006, and I know it will get better.

If, that is, I survive the ride home.