I was walking back from lunch the other day, up 5th avenue, when I saw this little bird sitting on a neatly trimmed shrubbery (Ni!):

It seemed abnormally fearless, even for an urban bird. It let me get quite close to it, with no sign of any concern. The reason for this nonchalance became clear when it decided I had finally gotten close enough, and abruptly disappeared!

You see those gaps in the foliage? They provide access to the interior of the shrub, which is nearly completely empty space, except for a maze of bare branches spreading out from the base. It was a perfect refuge, nearly impenetrable. All this bird had to do was duck inside, wait for whoever it was to lose interest, and pop back out. Sure enough, as soon as I moved a few feet further:

It popped brightly back out, and was promptly joined by another bird. This combination of defiance and ready retreat tickled me, and put me in a good mood, at least as much as the spring colors did:

This was a lovely little flower bed, just flowering. It provided a bright spot of color that contrasted with the bare tree limbs above.