Every parking structure has them: those oddly-placed single spaces tucked behind an air duct, or next to the ramp, or behind the elevator shaft. The kind of parking space that requires you to back in, while turning your head around like an owl, and blocking traffic on the blind corner.

My question is, why is it that the people that INVARIABLY choose to park in those spaces, are the ones that are LEAST suited to actually getting their car into the space? That is, people that have bigger-than-average cars and ZERO parking skills.

Most every day I end up in a line of cars stacked up down the ramp, waiting for some idiot to maneuver their huge car into a tiny space, going forward, going back, going forward, going back, nearly scraping the paint off the side of the car, when they could have gone around the corner and parked in a regular space.

I think we should keep those odd parking spaces, but anyone that needs more than three tries to get their car into one needs to have their keys taken away from them. For the good of the general public.