I want to spend a moment bringing your attention to an underappreciated genius. Laboring tirelessly in sunny Puerto Rico, inventor John Quincy St. Clair has been quietly developing technology that could change the world as we know it.

Mr. St. Clair has filed patent applications on a series of astonishing inventions:

Patent Application Publication No.20060072226
Remote viewing amplifier

Abstract: An apparatus which enhances the ability of a person to perform remote viewing by connecting the human spiritual eye to the tetrahedral geometry of subspace.

Patent Application Publication No.20060071122
Full body teleportation system

Abstract: A pulsed gravitational wave wormhole generator system that teleports a human being through hyperspace from one location to another.

Patent Application Publication No.20060070371
Electric dipole moment propulsion system

Abstract: A spacecraft propulsion system utilizing a rotating octagon of trapezoidal electrically charged flat panels to create an electric dipole moment that generates lift on the hull.

Patent Application Publication No.20060044139
Internet accessible mail box system

Abstract: An Internet-embedded mail box system which transmits mail and package delivery information to a central server that can be accessed by wireless communication devices to determine if any mail is ready for pickup.

Patent Application Publication No.20060038081
Electric dipole spacecraft

Abstract: This invention is a rotating spacecraft that produces an electric dipole on four rotating spherical conducting domes perturbing a uniform spherical electric field to create a magnetic moment interacting with the gradient of a magnetic field that generates a lift force on the hull.

Patent Application Publication No.20060014125
Walking through walls training system

Abstract: This invention is a training system which enables a human being to acquire sufficient hyperspace energy in order to pull the body out of dimension so that the person can walk through solid objects such as wooden doors.

Patent Application Publication No.20040164824
Hyperspace energy generator

Abstract: This invention is a braided gold wire coaxial cable of micron size which generates hyperspace energy by coupling to the tetrahedral geometry of subspace, dimension and the Planck mass.

Patent Application Publication No.20040102810
Hyperspace torque generator

Abstract: A hyperspace torque generator which comprises a flat bifilar magnetic bucking field electrical coil, crystal ball, lever arm and frequency generator for producing a linear flow of hyperspace energy at right angles to a rotating flow of astral chakra energy.

Patent Application Publication No.20030230675
Rotor inductance propulsion system

Abstract: The invention is a spacecraft having a circular, domed hull around which dual electrically-charged rotors one above the other are counter-rotating on the edge of the hull. Embedded in the hull are three solenoids which create a positive vector potential at the rotors. The surface charge density times the radius times the vector potential times the area of the rotors creates an angular momentum in the vertical direction. This angular momentum produces a positive spacetime curvature over the dome of the hull and a negative spiking spacetime compression over the rotors. By machining circumferential grooves of decreasing height along the radius of the rotor, a negative surface inductance is generated. This negative inductance gradient times the negative spacetime compression time the rotor current density squared times the rotor area squared is a positive lift force on the spacecraft.

Patent Application Publication No.20030209637
Rotating electrostatic propulsion system

Abstract: This invention relates to a spacecraft propulsion system utilizing thrusters comprised of a motor-driven electrostatically charged cylinder rotating within an electrostatically charged annular ring for the purpose of creating a spacetime curvature stress-energy tension in the horizontal direction. The thrusters are augmented by magnetic vortex generators, either embedded in the cylinders or located above each thruster, for the purpose of increasing the permittivity of space by permeating each thruster with low density hyperspace energy generated by a wormhole created between our space and hyperspace. A combination of three thrusters mounted on the underside of the hull of the spacecraft provide thrust and yaw motion control.

Patent Application Publication No.20030209635
Electric dipole moment propulsion system

Abstract: This invention relates to a spacecraft propulsion system utilizing a rotating octagon of trapezoidal electrically charged flat panels to create an electric dipole moment that generates lift on the hull. On the interior side of each panel are electrostatically charged rods which produce a planar electric field that emerges from holes in the panel to form an ellipsoidal potential energy bubble on the outside of the hull. The rotating hull dipole moment generates a magnetic moment which, together with the magnetic field gradient developed by the rotating electric field of the electrostatically charged panels, produces said lift force. The potential energy field is enhanced by using a double cladding of hull material with different ranges of permittivities.

The USPTO has as of yet failed to issue even one of Mr. St. John’s patent applications. The breadth of Mr. St. John’s vision therefore remains unappreciated, as he is clearly a genius of unimaginable abilities.

Or he has access to some really excellent weed.

Folks, you need to read through some of these documents. This is way better than reality television. For example, from the ‘Remote Viewing Amplifier’ application:

“Moving to a larger picture of things that are happening in the galaxy, I was able to make contact with the Pleiadian Federation which is located about 400 light years from earth. The Federation is a group of over one hundred intelligent beings that were brought to the Pleiades from around the galaxy. One member of the Federation calls itself the Intelligent Insect Beings. They are the ones who fly the black triangles over Belgium and France for the purpose of evacuating human beings back to the Pleiades for relocation on a planet called Earth II. The reason for this evacuation was that it was not known if it would be possible to win the battle of Revelations, which would take place about two years later here on earth.”

Just, wow.