It’s that time again, to wonder down memory lane and relive the glory days of music videos.

We all know that Mozart was a giant among composers. But few have rendered a more moving tribute than Falco:

Falco - Rock Me Amadeus

Nothing says ‘love’ like straw boaters and lederhosen:

ABC - The Look of Love

So where did the name Spandau Ballet come from? According to Gary Kemp, “There were bands around at the time like Cabaret Voltaire and we didn’t have a name and Robert Elms, who is now a well known writer and broadcaster over here, was one on our scene and he had just come back from a trip to Berlin clubbing. He said ‘I’ve got a great name - ‘Spandau Ballet.’ You know, Spandau is a place in Berlin and we thought it sounded incredibly exotic and we took it. But it was a few years later that he actually admitted to us that he had seen it written on a toilet wall in a Berlin club, so I guess the truth is, we stole it from another band.” If it’s on the Internet, it must be True.

Spandau Ballet - True

And finally, It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t have at least one video full of hot chicks.

Duran Duran - Rio

See you next week