Installing fenders on a recumbent can be confusing. This instruction sheet is provided as a general guide to help you with installing your fenders. The bike pictured is a RANS V-Rex with RANS 20/26″ fenders, so it is important to keep in mind that your fenders may have different hardware than what is shown, but the concepts involved in installation are similar.

Translation: The guidance provided in these instructions is similar to the guidance you actually need to install your fenders. By ’similar’ we mean that in both cases there are wheels, fenders, and a recumbent bicycle involved. The actual parts depicted are not the parts we have provided. The smudged and blurry pictures provided herein illustrate a method of mounting a fender that is completely inappropriate for the fenders and fender braces we provided for you. In fact, it should be apparent that your fenders do not even have the apertures necessary to mount the fender braces. We have confidence that you will be able to figure it all out.

And I finally did figure out how to put the damn things on. At least I think I found the right way to install them. The front fender can clip the pedal if I’m not careful, so I guess I’ll just have to be careful.

After my epic struggle with the fenders, I just had time to install my underseat rack before it got dark. That went a little smoother, thanks to some meaningful assembly instructions (thank you, Terracycle). With the rack installed, I can mount my new Ortlieb panniers, which means I can actually carry a change of clothes to work. The mind boggles.

I still have to mount my fairing. I say a little prayer to St. Gardner Martin in fervent hope that it will go smoothly and efficiently.