After my success the other night working on my bike, I decided to finish the job tonight.

Now, the other night I had made an issue out of showing my family that the tires had an indicator of drive direction on it. The tread has a pattern with a directionality, and you want to make sure the tire is rotating in the right direction for the tread pattern. I had received my new rear tire from Hostel Shoppe and carefully checked the indicator to make sure I was putting the tire on the rim correctly.

After getting the tires and tubes swapped out, cleaning up the rim, wiping down the freewheel, and regreasing the axle bearings, I tooke the wheel out to put it back on the bike. If installing the brake pads went very well, I reasoned, I would be done before it got dark, and I would be able to ride my bike to work in the morning.

Except, once the wheel was back on the bike, I noticed that … I … had … put … the … tire … on … backwards. For a pedantic son-of-a-bitch like myself, this is a crushing blow. I cannot imagine how I did something so boneheaded after specifically checking that I was putting it on correctly.

Screw it. I’ll fix it tomorrow. I’m going to go fire up the Xbox and kill things.