It was cold, crisp and clear this morning, a shocking contrast to the heat wave we were having a week ago. I rode my bike to work, and it would have been a very pleasant ride indeed, except for yet another ass in a car expressing his hatred of cyclists on ‘his’ road.

As I was coming up Multnomah, some yahoo pulled the old “blast-the-horn-as-I-pass-the-cyclist” trick. Wow, that NEVER gets old. I should point out that at the time I was in the center of a very wide and well-marked bike lane, and was not anywhere near traffic. So this wasn’t about resentment at ’sharing the road’, unless it was resentment that he has to share any road, at any time, with us two-wheeled bastards.

Needless to say, that took most of the joy out of the morning commute. It’s always depressing to be reminded that there are people out there that hate you, even though they’ve never met you.