I’d just like to take a moment to give you my perspective on how it feels to have a part of your body frozen with liquid nitrogen:

It really, really, really #@!$^%*&@ hurts!

I’ve had a little callous-like growth on my left index finger for five or six years. It occured to me that, since there was no reason for a callous to be there, it might be a wart. I casually mentioned this to my doctor this morning, and he gleefully sprinted out of the office, only to return with two nested styrofoam cups full of liquid nitrogen with a handful of cotton-tipped applicators.

During all those years of working with liquid nitrogen in grad school, I often wondered what it would actually feel like to actually freeze part of your body solid. Now I know.

It really, really, really #@!$^%*&@ hurts!

In fact, it still smarts quite a bit right now. Well, it will eventually scab over and then fall off. Presumably I will then be ‘callous’-free.

But damn, man. That HURT.