I packed my saddlebags, got my riding gear on, and hopped on the bike to ride to work this morning. As I headed up the bike path toward Garden Home, I started hearing something:

plink - plink - plink - plink

Thinking I had a strap dangling in my spokes, I stopped, and checked my saddlebags, looked for weeds and sticks that might be stuck in the rear wheel, then continued on my way.

plink - plink - plink - plink

Okay, the last time I heard something like this, it was because I had a loose spoke. So I pulled over, got my spoke wrench out, and started plucking spokes to find the loose one.

ping! ping! ping! thunk!

Found it! Ah, but it’s not just loose, it’s broken. Snapped off at the head, to be more precise. It’s not flopping around and presenting a danger, but I’m a big guy, and the idea of riding in to work, and home again, in traffic, with a compromised rear wheel did not sound attractive.

So. Home again, home again, jiggety-jig. Took a quick shower, put on clean clothes, and drove in. Now I have to get my rear wheel fixed.

FYI: September is the month of the annual Bike Commute Challenge. As always, my employer will be participating. I must say, I’m in a much better position to take part this year than last.