Just a second, let me set up the old slide projector.

What? No, no. It’s much too early for you to go home. And I just know you want to see some vacation pics. Honey? Can you dim the lights please?

This is the beach below our rental house. Which means that this is the cliff that my eldest child was perfectly eager to scramble up in order to retrieve her kite. And you wonder why my beard is going gray?


We found some great tide pools down at Seal Rock. This was a rather cautious crab that the girl noticed:

Scaredy Crab

This is a closeup of a cluster of mussels, barnacles, and even a sea anemone or two:

Mussel Beach

And this is the classic pacific northwest tide pool, complete with a bunch of sea anemones:

A Tide Pool

This is the view to the south from the top of Cape Perpetua:

Cape Perpetua looking south

And this is what it looked like as we kept an eye on the kids from the shelter of the Kelty Cabana:

The View From the Cabana

Wait! Where are you going? I have three or four more carousels full of slides….