My college had a campus radio station, KRRC - The Dirigible of the Airwaves. I think we had a signal strength of 10 watts, and if the planets were aligned and the upper atmosphere cooperated, you could sometimes hear the station as far away as the West Hills.

There were advantages to only being heard on our little campus. KRRC had alumnus Barret Hanson (that’s Dr. Demento to you) do a live show while I was a student, and he was able to play all the songs the FCC normally wouldn’t allow to be broadcast uncensored.

The other neat thing about KRRC was that pretty much anyone could sign up for their own radio show. One of my friends had a weekly program, and used it to play his favorite songs. He had a fairly short playlist, which meant we pretty much heard the same songs every week. That didn’t matter, though, we tuned in anyway.

So, this week’s MVM is a retrospective of JB’s radio show, and a bit of nostalgia for simpler times, when getting my physics homework done and finding an empty washing machine were the biggest stressors in my life.

Thomas Dolby - Hyperactive

E.L.O. - Telephone Line

The Fixx - Red Skies

The Fixx - Saved By Zero