Let me say that, all issues of appearances aside, I like bicycle shorts. They provide support to the large muscles of the thighs and once you rip the chamois out of them (which I don’t need because I ride a recumbent) they don’t feel like an adult diaper. So, I’ve been looking for something comparable to work out in, because I do ride a recumbent exercise bike. I believe the technical term for what I want is ‘compression shorts’. However, when I ordered some compression shorts online, I got something so thin and so tight that, as the old joke goes, you could tell my religion. OK, those are fine for wearing under something else, but they weren’t really what I wanted.

We went to REI today, and I picked up some workout gear, but still couldn’t find anything like the shorts I wanted so I decided to swing by a sporting goods store on the way home. When we got there, we discovered that Copeland Sporting Goods was having a store closing sale. It looks like they are shutting down that location, and everything in the store, and I mean everything, was 30-50% off.

It’s really absurd how much you can convince yourself you need when it’s marked down that far. I got two pairs of shorts (not exactly what I wanted, but cheap), two tank tops for $5 apiece, and a new pair of sneakers. I didn’t really need a new pair of sneakers, and solid black is not a color scheme I like, but they were cheap, and they were actually New Balance with a 4E width, so they actually fit me and my overly wide feet. My daughter got new shoes, as well. Size NINE, for crying out loud. I also picked up some stuff sacks, and we even got a new pair of binoculars for the family. It’s funny, I originally planned to just duck in and look for shorts, and we ended up spending an hour and a half there. Crazy. The lure of some kind of bargain.