…is remarkably quiet. I got up at six and got in the shower, but by the time I was out I knew I wasn’t going in to work today. Too much abdominal instability, plus a fever of 100 degrees. Plus, I just wasn’t comfortable being more than 30 feet from a bathroom for any length of time.

I fixed the kids fried egg sandwiches for breakfast, and got the trash out to the curb for pickup. This pretty much wiped me out. The kids went off to school, and my wife (who is also sick, she has a rhinovirus) went off to run some errands. And the house became quiet.

My house is never quiet. The children are always making noise of some kind, and my wife typically has the radio on or an audiobook playing. Sitting in a quiet house is a truly odd experience. It’s also just odd being home on a weekday. Strange programs are on TV. I caught the last half of “The Quiet Man” with John Wayne, one of my favorite films. It’s too politically incorrect to be made today, but I love it. Great characters, and some of the extended scenes between John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara have no dialogue at all, yet beautifully reveal the relationship between them, in all its human complexity. Man, I wish they made more movies like that now.

I got a chance to sit down with Resident Evil 4, and managed to beat Mendez. I had been stuck there for a while, and was getting cranky about it. The wife brought home Thai food for lunch, and after finishing it I was feeling awful again, and laid down for a bit of rest.

To my surprise, I awoke hours later when the kids came home from school. Guess I needed more rest than I thought. I had received some homegrown honey from an online friend in the mail. I was completely tickled by this.

I find it amazing how the web can strip people of their pretense and posture, their social camouflage, and reveal their true personalities. Where anonymity exists, with no social consequences, all too many people become obnoxious trolls, abusive for the sake of being abusive. And then there are people who, with absolutely no possibility of recognition or reward, remain kind and thoughtful. Like my beekeeper friend, who has never met me, and yet shipped me a pint of his precious honey harvest simply to share with me. Such a kind gesture. It’s good honey, too.

Having missed (almost) two days of work, I am in the awkward position of having to inform a client that I won’t be able to get a project done by the end of Friday that I had promised to him. I really hate it when that happens. Nevertheless, I don’t see how I could have gotten anything done in the shape I’ve been in, and I surely needed the rest. I hope he’s understanding.