Yes, yes. I know. You’re all tired of hearing about this game. Psychonauts this, Psychonauts that. But I’ve been up past midnight the last several nights in a row, when I should have been fast asleep recovering my shattered health, because I can’t stop playing it.

But I could talk until I’m blue in the face, and it wouldn’t even begin to convey how intelligent and entertaining this game is. Fortunately, some folks have captured video from the game, so I can SHOW you instead.

Here’s a cutscene from early in the game, when Raz (the hero) is inside the mind of the calm and cool psychonaut, Sasha Nein:

Later, after battling a huge mutant lungfish to a standstill, Raz enters the mind of the lungfish, only to find the tables oddly turned:

My favorite level so far has been a sojourn through the warped mind of Boyd, a paranoid schizophrenic who believes he is under constant surveillance. Raz has to find ‘The Milkman’:

But aside from the cut scenes, there is a metric TON of additional dialog that is almost completely incidental– it arises when you talk to various characters, and has almost nothing to do with winning the game. It’s just there to be awesome: