This is the page where I will try to monitor the progress of the rather ambitious ship model I’ve started.

When it’s done, it’s supposed to look like this:

February 26, 2007

Over the weekend I went to a woodworking store and picked up some shellac, some stain, some lacquer thinner, another little brush, and a bitchin’ hobby tool kit:

It’s got a bunch of Xacto blades, little tiny saws, pointy things, mini-screwdrivers, and best of all: a tiny little miter box. Awesome!

February 22, 2007

As of tonight, I’ve scored a planking pattern into the deck, and attached a breast plate at the bow. I’ve also started shaping a bow rail, but it isn’t glued in place yet.


Breast plate and rail

I want to bring out the planking by wiping the deck down with a little stain, then wiping it off. Which means I need to buy stain. And shellac. And brushes. And metric drillbits. Sigh.

On the positive side, I found a great book at Powell’s: it is a comprehensive guide to model shipbuilding, in its third printing:

Ship Model Building

This book explains how to do everything. Not bad for $6.