Sometimes I run across things that just make me sick.

Today, it’s the Dutch couple that have given up their 7-year-old adopted Korean daughter. As in, handed her over to social workers. Washed their hands of her.

They adopted her when she was 4 months old, and she has lived in Hong Kong since she was 3. She’s known no other life.

So these “parents” have abandoned their daughter. They must have had a good reason. But what reason could be so earth-shaking, so devastating, so gut-wrenching that they could hand their child over to strangers?

She didn’t “fit in” with their life-style.

Did I mention that the Dutch couple has had two biological children since the adoption? I’m certain that has nothing to do with it.

This poor kid, who was dropped off like a sack of dirty laundry at the tender age of 7, is neither a Dutch citizen, nor a resident of Hong Kong, so her status is uncertain.

Man, I hate people.

Madeline, at Strollerderby, thinks there may be more to this story. I hope she’s right, but I can’t imagine what could possibly justify a betrayal of such magnitude.