Back in October, I posted an entry wherein I waxed somewhat poetic about the oncoming winter rains. However, even amidst my defense of Oregon winter weather, I predicted that eventually, come spring, I too would have become sick of the rain.

I’m ahead of schedule. I’ve had it with this stuff.

In my own defense, this has been a miserably wet winter. Unlike the gentle mists and delicate droplets that usually fall on us Oregonians all winter, we’ve had torrential, soaking rains, separated by steady drizzles. Several times in the last week, I’ve had to put on a raincoat just to get the morning paper. Local rivers are at floodstage. There is standing water everywhere. The ground is completely saturated. Gutters are overflowing.

Enough is enough. Although we have barely made it into January, I am really quite sick of this stuff. Anybody have a spare ticket to Barbados?