So, normally at this point I would be blogging about the weekend I spent with my buds out at Newport. Or possibly describing the memorial service I attended this evening for our firm’s founder.

But I find I’m too distracted by the fact that my daughter has broken my Nintendo DS.

I’m not quite sure HOW she broke it.

It was either by leaving it on her bedroom floor under a pile of stuff, so that her mother accidentally stepped on it.

Or it was when she stripped the insulation off the adapter by pulling it through a pile of crap.

But it was probably when she took it to school (not allowed, but she didn’t even ask) and it got dropped in a creek while it was in her backpack.

I’m leaning towards the dunk in the creek as the determining factor, especially as there are waterspots inside the display.

In any event, it don’t work no more.

I am incandescent.