Here are a few pics from my trip last weekend.

We had dinner at the Pelican brewpub in Pacific City, Oregon. The brewpub is right on the beach at Cape Kiwanda, and the dividing line between the parking lot and the beach is somewhat obscure. If you arrive at the right time, you can sometimes catch an impressive sunset:

The next day we hit a day hike, the Drift Creek Falls Trail. It was, of course, raining. The trail was still beautiful:

Eventually we came to a wire suspension bridge that looked like it had been built to military specifications. It was bolted to the bedrock, had plate steel panels, concrete pilings, and was generally impressively overengineered.

The view from the bridge was impressive, including a view of the falls shooting from the edge of the drop-off down to the stream below.

The view of the falls and the bridge from below was even better.

Good buddies, and a beautiful hike. Who could ask for a better day?