I love this GIF. I stole it from FrokeOut at LinkFilter this evening.

At girl scout meetings, the girls sometimes act out. They chat among themselves. They interrupt the leader. They crack jokes at inappropriate times. Mostly, it is my daughter doing these things.

Cub scouts are not like girl scouts. Cub scouts are little balls of hyperactive disobedience. They can’t sit still, they can’t keep quiet, they can’t even exert the willpower to stop throwing a balloon into the air for two minutes. Oy vey.

Well, I survived the den meeting, and we continue to prep the boy’s rocket car for Saturday’s Pinewood Derby. It got a coat of sanding sealer tonight. And I filed and sanded the regulation axles (nails) to decrease rolling resistance. Again, I’m not hoping for earth-shattering performance, I just want it to roll in a straight line. I think we’re on track to finish up by race time Saturday afternoon.

We took the kids out for Thai tonight. Dinner was quite tasty. We’re very lucky that the kids are budding gourmets. The girl likes shrimp phad thai, while the boy eats sticky rice and lemongrass pork skewers. The wife had dungeness crab phad thai, a seasonal special. I had a ‘Thai chicken pot pie’, an interesting take on comfort food that’s basically a chunky thai chicken curry in puff pastry. It was good. Not as good as the drunken noodles I usually get, but good.

And after dinner we stepped out into the Beaverton round, into the cold, dark rain. Damn, I’m getting tired of winter. Oh, for the days when you can actually DO something after dinner, other than scurry back inside like a startled possum. Two days of sunshine was not nearly enough.

I know, bitch, bitch, bitch. Rain makes the trees happy. I should be content.