I fired up the pellet grill again tonight, this time with a mix of alder and hickory pellets. We had some ears of corn, the first of the year, and we took the silk off them, buttered them, then tied the husks back around them. I put them in cold water to soak the husks.

While the corn was soaking, I gently shaped some patties from ground beef, and seasoned them with a Paul Prudhomme seasoning mixture, garlic powder, and Lawry’s seasoned salt.

Once the grill was good and hot, I put the corn on the grill to steam. Once the corn seemed done, I took it off, turned the heat up, and put the burgers on the grill.

At a higher temperature, and with the burgers cooking, the grill started throwing off some yummy smelling smoke. I flipped the burgers over, and turned the heat down just a touch.

When I took the burgers off the grill, they were so juicy they were dripping, and they smelled wonderful. We slapped them on buns and dived in. My daughter, who says she hates hamburgers, started making yummy noises. My son, who likes hamburgers, had his mouth full. And my wife, who usually only likes hamburgers that are bleeding, said it was delicious. And the corn, the corn was terrific as well.

So, am I suffering from buyer’s remorse? Did I spend too much on that fancy pellet grill?

Oh, HELL no. If I can keep turning out dinners like that, it was money well spent.

I can’t wait to smoke me some babybacks.