We obviously had to drive north last Friday, to rendezvous for our Buddy weekend. After we turned left at Olympia, we began to catch sight of the Olympic Mountains. While they are magnificent in their own right, especially when covered with winter snows, they are especially beautiful when they were your constant companions growing up, and you seldom see them.

Sometimes they look so beautiful it takes my breath away. It was therefore a real treat when the weather gifted us with a lovely sunset behind them.

When you have left an area you love, even simple things catch your eye. I loved the way the discarded shells gleamed against the rocky beach.

We saw bald eagles flying along the canal, and resting on the floats. We saw a sea lion out for an evening swim. The second night, we had another beautiful evening, with calm water, interrupted only briefly by some loud music. It was coming from the other side of the canal. Unbelievable.

And one more sunset pic of my beloved Olympics.