Welcome to the new PAgent’s Progress!

Let me be quick to admit that Blogger is easy to use, and remarkably flexible. However, it was not quite flexible enough to do everything I wanted to do. Also, I was having increasing difficulties posting entries, with timeout errors, etc. Maybe I really just wanted a little extra independence. So, I bit the bullet, got a domain, got some server space, and here I am.

(It’s almost certainly unnecessary, but this blog has always been a bit of a vanity project, and the jump to a dedicated site is consistent with that purpose, at least.)

I intend to keep fiddling with the appearance of this blog until I have it looking exactly the way I want it. In the meantime, it’s ‘good enough’ to go live. I even imported all my old posts and comments from Blogger!

I’ll keep the blogspot ‘PAgent’s Progress’ live for a while to point the way to this new site. Meanwhile, I hope you continue to visit.