Burley recently announced that they will be “ceasing production of all recumbent, tandem, road and touring bikes effective immediately”.

That sucks. Big Time.

Burley has always been an awesome company. Until recently, they were an employee-owned Co-op, which really made you feel good about buying their products. But what made you feel really good was the quality of their products.

We have had a Burley Piccolo trailercycle, a Burley bike trailer, and most recently, my beloved Burley Koosah recumbent. All have been incredibly well-designed, and well-built. I know that I am truly passionate about my Koosah. It rides more smoothly and more quietly than any bike I’ve ever had. And I’m not alone in that, Burley recumbents have a huge fanbase.

The good news is that Burley will be trying to honor the warranty on bicycles already sold. They have parts in stock, and may try to work with 3rd-party manufacturers if necessary. So hopefully I personally won’t get screwed. But I feel badly for all the folks that would have been able to get a quality long-wheelbase recumbent for less than $1,000, because those are going to be hard to find.